Hiring a whistleblower lawyer can be helpful to those who are considering whistleblowing, especially before they go public. An attorney can explain the consequences of going public and help identify the potential risks and rewards of filing suit. The whistleblower may also want to file a qui tam suit, one type of lawsuit filed by whistleblowers under federal law for an individual or group that exposes fraudulent activities on behalf of the government. There are risks associated with filing these suits but some attorneys will take them on contingency with no upfront fees due from the plaintiff.

1. You can get free legal advice from a professional

It is obvious that a law firm will not represent you for free and this may be a surprise for many because if you are filing a lawsuit, you will have to pay an attorney at least some fees. If you still decide to hire one despite the fact that he or she will cost you, in the long run, it may be more beneficial because they have legal experience and they will be able to help you avoid making mistakes.

2. They have experience in representing whistleblowers

Many of the whistleblower lawyers in Los Angeles have years of experience defending and prosecuting cases of fraud, abuse, retaliation and other forms of wrongdoing at work. They will know how to deal with the authorities and others who may challenge your actions.

3. They can give you solid legal advice

While many attorneys will tell you what you want to hear in order to get you to sign on the dotted line, a lawyer who has actually won cases for clients may be able to give you the truth without sugarcoating things or telling you everything is alright when it’s not. This is especially important if a whistleblower is being threatened with losing his or her job or facing criminal charges.

4. You will get a sense of what you can do

Many people worry about the prospect of filing a qui tam lawsuit but an attorney can give them enough information about the law and their chances to feel more comfortable about pursuing this option. This is especially true for those who have never filed a lawsuit before or those who may not be able to negotiate with the company or company executives well.

5. You are not alone if you are sued

When someone sues you, he or she is also facing the lawyer who represents you so it is important that both are clear on their position before proceeding . Only filing a lawsuit generally protects your side as well but it does not guarantee that your client will be completely protected.


Whistleblower attorney in Los Angeles will be of great help to those who wish to go through the kind of risk that would come with exposing corruption. If you are thinking about going public and filing a qui tam lawsuit, it’s better to have an attorney on your side than not.