Having an expungement or a criminal record can haunt you for years or a lifetime. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you should seek legal counsel immediately. But all criminal lawyers are not the same. Here is a simple guide to finding the best Los Angeles expungement attorney.

Check the area of practice

Before you hire an attorney, you should find someone who specializes in criminal law. In addition to that, be sure to ask the types of expungement cases they handle. You must work with someone who understands the specifics of the case you’re dealing with. This information will increase your chances of clearing your criminal record.

A competent expungement attorney will handle cases that involve drug convictions, traffic violations, nonviolent convictions, and misdemeanor offenses.


A beginner won’t do those things an experienced attorney can do. You’ll increase your chances of winning the case if you work with someone with vast experience in a specific crime. The connections with the local courts also matter. You should hire someone who knows the ins and outs of your case and can help create a winning strategy. Be sure to check whether the professional has any record of formal discipline.

Ask for referrals

Do you know someone who has been in your position? If they had a good experience, you may want to consider their attorney. A word of mouth is the best way to get an honest opinion.

But if the experience was bad, you should move on to the next name on the list. And your search should not stop there – you must be comfortable with their personality.


The best criminal attorney will take their time to explain the fees for the services. Some firms will offer free consultation, so you should take advantage of it. This is paramount when budgeting – the last thing you want is to experience financial issues later.

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, you should ask a few questions, and you can quickly tell whether they are the right candidate.

I’m I comfortable talking to the lawyer openly? Does he look trustworthy? Is the attorney explaining things in a manner I understand? Any demeanor is a sign of how he will appear in the courtroom. Your goal should be looking for characteristics that abide by the courtroom – it’s the hallmark of any successful criminal attorney.

Listen to your gut

If you’re not comfortable with the lawyer, the legal process can be painful, and the outcome may not be favorable. Make sure you follow your gut by working with someone who will protect your interests.The best Los Angeles expungement attorney will help you clear the impending criminal record and reclaim your life.