An individual can save himself a lot of worry by finding a tax attorney to help you out. Your taxpayer rights include the right to representation, so exercise that right by getting a professional on your side. Besides saving a lot of heartaches and lost sleep, here are four other reasons to hire a tax attorney to help you address the issue of back taxes.

The IRS wants to get as much from you as legally possible. The fact that you can’t pay your taxes means nothing to the IRS agent who keeps calling you and sending you letters. He or she will make sure you pay those taxes, first by tax liens and then by tax levies. The IRS may choose to garnish your wages by forcing your employer to give part of your paycheck to the IRS, or they may decide to seize your bank account or home. Don’t underestimate the ruthlessness with which the IRS will pursue payment of your taxes.

The advantage of using a tax attorney, however, is that a seasoned tax attorney is familiar with loopholes and is good at negotiating. A tax attorney is also familiar with the extent of your rights as a taxpayer and will ensure that the IRS respects those rights.

You don’t know enough. You have perfectly good reasons for not paying your taxes, but the IRS doesn’t care and it can extremely intimidating to try to make your case to an IRS auditor. That’s where a good tax attorney comes in. He can file, settle, and resolve the case on your behalf.

You can settle for less. When you use a seasoned tax attorney like the Hillhurst Tax Group you’ll be able to settle your case for much less than you would be able to if you were representing yourself. A good tax attorney may also be able take off all the fines and fees that have been assessed to you. If you face the IRS alone, however, you can be assured that they will demand every penny.

You don’t know how to negotiate with the IRS. IRS auditors are intimidating. As government agents, they have an incredible amount of power over you and your wallet, and they aren’t afraid to take advantage of that power. An IRS agent doesn’t have that same power over a tax attorney, meaning that a tax attorney can negotiate in a much more calm, rational, and detached manner.

Additionally, IRS agents don’t have any problem calling you regularly and writing you letters. A new jersey tax attorney  will field those phone calls and letters for you, allowing you to take care of other things.

If you owe back taxes, find an experienced tax attorney to represent you. You’ll get a more positive outcome than if you tackled the problem yourself, and you’ll rest easier in the meantime.