Working with a lawyer in disability cases isn’t mandatory. However, people who are represented by lawyers tend to get compensation faster. The process of locating a good lawyer can be daunting, but you can still succeed if you use some ideas such as these.

Asking around

If you have a lawyer handling other issues for you or you know one, you should ask them for recommendations. Lawyers face each other in cases and also mingle in their social networks, so the chances of a lawyer knowing another good lawyer are high. Just clarify that you need a lawyer who specializes in disability cases and not any other categories. You can also ask other people with disabilities. They may have worked with a good lawyer in the past or may know people who know such lawyers. Ask them whether the lawyer was good at answering questions or giving explanations. Find out whether the lawyer was quick to respond to them or took a lot of time. You should also find out whether the lawyer was committed to the case and important deadlines. All these will help you judge whether the lawyer is good before you contact them.

Going through the Bar Association

Bar Associations are available in different states and counties. Also, have websites that have lawyers and their areas of specialization. You can easily find lawyers in your local areas to serve you in the disability case. You can also call the Bar Associate to ask for recommendations. Make sure you get multiple names that you can vet to increase your chances of ending up with the right one. Remember that you may not be given disability lawyers, so it will be up to you to find their areas of specialty.

Using the internet

The internet has a lot of resources that you can use in different areas of your life, including in finding good disability lawyers. Most reputable law firms like have websites that make it easier for those in need to find them. Search for good disability lawyers online, but make sure to mention your location to reduce your search. Find out how good the firm is by checking the cases they’ve won versus the ones they’ve lost. You should also check their credibility by checking whether they are licensed or certified. Check their testimonials as well.


Good firms like usually prioritize their client’s needs and will do everything they can to help them. Make sure the lawyer you get can deliver without charging you a fortune. Always agree on the fee beforehand.