When it comes time to pop the question, you want a ring that is both stunningly breathtaking and meaningful. That’s why the centuries old tradition of the claddagh ring is the perfect choice to tell the girl of your dreams how much you treasure her. With hundreds of handcrafted designs and settings to choose from, including our signature, elegant white gold claddagh engagement ring, you are sure to sweep her off her feet.

First Comes Love

The age old saying is that first comes love, then comes marriage, but the claddagh ring represents every part of your journey together. The hands represent the friendship and playful spirit that sparked your romance (and keep it burning). The heart is the pinnacle symbol of love, showcasing the core of your relationship. Finally, the crown represents the loyalty and prosperity of your future together. With our modern styles and plenty of stones to choose from, you will have a ring that is rich in both meaning and tradition. Heart shaped diamonds fit perfectly in a claddagh, as well as emerald, princess cut, and more. White gold is favored for wedding sets as they compliment the center stone’s radiance, and blends perfectly into any wedding set.

A Little Known Fact

While most people know the meaning of the claddagh, they may not be aware of an interesting fact: the meaning of the ring can change depending on which hand it’s on and what direction it’s facing! Just as the modern engagement ring goes on the left hand, the claddagh facing outward indicates that the bride is engaged. When she is married, she turns the ring inward. On the right hand, the claddagh facing inward indicates that the wearer is in a relationship, whereas outwards means she is single. We love the idea of a claddagh promise ring that follows your bride through every step of your relationship.

Trending in 2020

The white gold claddagh engagement ring is one of our most frequently requested pieces, and is trending in 2020. We also carry brilliant options for your wedding set for when you get that resounding yes! We offer a variety of masculine styles that are a great alternative to the plain, old fashioned wedding band. Many brides and grooms wear claddagh rings in unison, heightening the meaning of this age old tradition.

Our Master Jewelers

The claddagh ring is a timeless piece that will become a heirloom in your family. We can accommodate a variety of stones, styles, and personal tastes. Our expert jewelers can work with you to bring your vision to life, creating a piece that is truly one of a kind, just like that special someone in your life.